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Höss Adlerkönig Urtyp Hell 500ml

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Höss Adlerkönig Urtyp Hell 

ABV: 4.7%

Pale - with a legendary origin

The name goes back to a folk hero from our Alpine region, whose real name was Leo Dorn.

First and foremost, he was a daring and fearless mountaineer, completely dedicated to protecting nature. He was also a head huntsman in the service of His Royal Highness Prince Regent Luitpold and feared by all poachers. He was from today's perspective, however also a pioneer in the area of environmental protection and conservation. He demonstrated this as royal huntsman when he successfully fought to reduce the high number of eagles. As a consequence of the fact that the eagles had no natural enemies, they were endangering wildlife populations and the existences of hundreds of cattle farmers, as their newborn animals were defenseless and easy prey for them. By decree, and charter, in 1890 he was appointed to the position of Adlerkönig. His appointment was celebrated like a folk festival with plenty of beer.

Bavarian Pale
Just like Leo Dorn, our Adlerkönig Urtyp Hell is a special representative from the Alps and therefore bears the name of this personality. Harmonizing ingredients result in a perfect full-bodied taste. A beer with strong character, with a subtle hint of hops.