Kinnegar Donegal Lager 440ml

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DL : From Donegal and For Donegal

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. And Coronavirus is providing us with ample opportunity to prove it.

Our new lager was originally chalked up for debut on draught here on our home turf in Donegal. Canning would follow. Fate of course intervened and turned off the country's taps, leaving it to our great Kinnegarland ally, Dermot Flynn, to rapidly don his Superman cape and turn our fledgling label idea into reality.

Now DL is safely in cans and on its way out into the world. It's a classically light and supremely crushable lager. As a gesture to the time and the place of its birth, we're donating €5 from every case of this first batch of DL to the Donegal Hospice. There are 298 of them.

 ABV: 4.5%